Au Revoir Indie

Watching the sunset

On February 14 2016 I published ‘Love Story… or the big doggy poopoo’.  This was a billet doux to the newest member in our four-house hamlet in the Tarn, Indie (or Indiq in Breton), a small black and brown puppy with a lolling pink tongue and caramel eyes.

This tiny waif, whose mother had died, had been abandoned by her step-mother, a farm dog. After roaming the countryside in search of a crust and a kindly word, her little paws were worn and bleeding (talk about Dickens…) But Sirius, her own special star 😉, had been watching over her. She ended up winning the jackpot – her very own 5-star hotel and restaurant, otherwise known as ‘the neighbours’.

We watched her grow from a cute little waif into a Very Large Dog. Fortunately, as her size increased, so did her affection. Indie was a dog with a big heart. But just over a year ago, on a routine visit to the vet, it was revealed that Indie’s big heart was not perfect. Last month, after a short life in which she enslaved us all, she left us. The neighbours, her beloved Maman and Papa, are bereft, and so are we all.

Indie was a great hostess who loved having lots of humans and animals visit her home; she was an inveterate socialite, dropping by the other houses in the hamlet to check everyone was up and dressed and ready to throw sticks (or, even better, frying up a bit of Toulouse sausage); she was a nature lover, fond of sniffing the flowers and watching the sunsets. She tripped us up, stood on our feet, bruised our shins and made us laugh. She brightened our days and enriched our lives and we miss her.

Au revoir Indie, maybe one day, passing by Sirius….

Her full story can be found below, in the February 2016 blog.

the look of love

Love Story, or: the big doggy poopoo


6 thoughts on “Au Revoir Indie”

  1. Finally getting here, Laurette, to add my comment to your tribute to Indy. What a lucky girl she was to have landed in your midst. Your stories of her have honored her, and through them, Indie will live on even in the hearts and minds of those who never actually had the chance to know her. These animals we share our lives with are so much a part of who we are–can’t imagine a world without them. Thanks for the glimpses of Indie–I’m sure she’ll be waiting for all of her friends from this life to one day join her.

    1. Many thanks for those heartfelt words Nancy, what I’ve realised since writing about Stuart and Indie is how warm and generous the animal-loving community is, real empathy coming through the messages. I passed on the FB comments to Indie’s ‘maman et papa’, and you know it helped to think that people from all over the world now ‘knew’ their lovely dog. Strokes and pats to all the family over there 😉 xx

  2. The 2016 story about Indie was beautifully written, as always. So sad to hear of her passing. It hurts my heart because dogs are so much a part of our families and they bring joy and laughter to those around us. Sometimes we forget just how important their presence is until they’re gone. Rest in peace beautiful, Indie.

    1. Thank you for your comment dear Denise, oh yes, I knew you were going to be affected by this particular blog (hoping his Canine-ness is doing fine btw). Indie made us laugh so much, and was so generous with her affection that we have indeed missed her presence these last weeks. But yesterday I had an email from her ‘parents’ who are currently in Brittany and they will be returning to the hamlet with her successor…standby for photos. Indie of course will never be forgotten…xxx

        1. The photos of Naya are on Facebook but I’ll send them to you via e-mail, if ever the Bard (may his life be full of spoiling ;-)) needs a little brother, this breed is one I’d recommend (except he would in fact get a bigger brother…) xx

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